Lead Conversion Rate Report

I need some help with creating a report to calculate lead conversion rates.

Meaning, I need the report display the count of all leads in one column and the count of all converted leads in another column. How can I do that?

Hope you guys can help. Thanks.

This looks a bit ugly but will get you the numbers

“0” means “not converted”, “1” means converted.

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That’s awesome PGR, Thanks!

I am trying to replicate the same concept for closed won opportunities with the type “New Business”, it’s a bit confusing. I want one column listing the count of all opportunities (with the type “New Business”) and another column listing the count of all closed won opportunities (with the type “New Business”).

How can i do that?

Just add that type=“new business” as a condition in the Report. This will filter the data so that only these get included in the counts.

Then you can do the Opportunities Report exactly like the Leads one.

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