Lead and Cases Creation

Hello All,

I am currently using Latest version of SuiteCRM.
and create lead through manual process in CRM.

But I want to know how to create Lead and cases from incoming Mail in CRM.

I configured my mail id in CRM, and getting all mails.

Please help me out to create Leads and cases through incoming mails.

Thanks in advance … :slight_smile:

Case creation from inbound email is handled in 2 places

1 - admin > AOP
Configure your settings

2 - admin > inbound email

When setting up the inbound email tick the box (create case)

Creating Leads through inbound email is something I have not completed myself just yet

hope this helped

I tried this also but unable to create case through it . Can you confirm this is working or not. I am struggling from last 5 days. Suggest me if there is any alternative things.

Hi, I am also a new user and using the latest version of suitecrm. However i have successfully managed to create case from inbound email setup through admin. Please note that group emails are fetched only if you successfully run cron job. Please make sure your cron job is running, you can verify it from admin >> scheduler >>

However, so far i am also unable to create lead from incoming emails, either through case or directly from the group email account automatically or manually in any way. So guys if you could provide me any hint for it will be highly appreciated.


I was wondering if anyone has a solution fo this?