Lead Addresses

Hi all,

I’ve toyed with SuiteCRM in the past but now I’m implementing it for the company I work for. We’re just not happy with our current CRM.

Silly question but here goes… I’ve already searched the forums and read the docs and still can’t figured it out.

I’m trying to edit the edit view for leads.

I can’t for the life of me figure out where it is pulling the Address fields from.

In the Studio edit view it only shows Primary Address Street and Alt Address Street yet the complete address is displayed in edit view (as in city, state, postal code and country as well).

Where is it pulling all these fields from? I need to remove country and also edit labels.



Zero responses? There’s no “community” here! :blink:

Made my decision easy. Not going to be using SuiteCRM for anything.

Found Bitrix24 and my decision is much, much easier now. I’d rather pay for support than wait around for ZERO responses. $200/month for Bitrix24 is a deal after this.

Thanks for the memories…

you have many solution… you choose what you think better for you :slight_smile:

  • why don’t put a default value for country ?
  • why don’t create in studio you custom address field
  • why don’t change label for these fields…

Another solution is to change 3 files in Address Field type… for adapt to your requirement but for this, a little php/html knowledge is required.