Ldapauth: failed LDAP bind (login) by urvashi, could not construct bind_user

“ldapauth: failed LDAP bind (login) by urvashi, could not construct bind_user” error message i am getting in View log under system settings when i click on “save” button of Email inbound settings.

On UI we got port error on email inbound page while saving email inbound…
Please guide me to get it resolved.


I haven’t played around with LDAP much, but is this just your user that has this issue?
Or is it other users?

If only yourself, I had found a post elsewhere that mentioned that some special characters can break the Login
Does this sound relevant to yourself?

Regarding the Port error, i’m not sure what you mean
Could you send some screenshots over, or steps to replicate?

From a glance, it sounds like the Connection details aren’t correct, it might be worth double checking your Mail server/supplier’s IMAP/SMTP details

ie, Gmail would be like: