LDAP problem - get my instance back


I am configuring the LDAP connection and during a test I disconnected to test. But as the connection was probably not well set up. I can’t access my instance, even with the user and password configured during the installation.
How can I get my instance back without have to uninstall everything?

Thank you

do you have access to index.php file?

the password settings are usually stored in config_override.php, if you delete the respective lines, the default login should be possible again.

Here is my conf-override.php file:

I already tried to remove the 3 lines with SAML, but it did not work.

I can’t figure out which lines I need to remove for the default connection to be possible again.
Thank you.

look for line

$sugar_config['authenticationClass'] = 'SAML2Authenticate';

and add “//” at the start of the line:

//$sugar_config['authenticationClass'] = 'SAML2Authenticate';

save the file. Users should directly be able to use the regular login again (just tested locally).


the connection was not re-established. Everything happens in the config_override.php file?

thank you.

you can also look at the rest of the config_override.cfg and the config.php. Those are the files that usually store these settings.


I don’t have this line " $sugar_config[‘authenticationClass’] = ‘SAML2Authenticate’; "

I have this one: $sugar_config[‘authenticationClass’] = ‘’;

I didn’t find anything in the config.php file either.
Do you have another idea to restore the default connection?

Thank you.