LDAP Active Directory - Attribute Refresh on login

Hi Guys,

I have successfully configured SuiteCRM to authenticate using Active Directory LDAP

I have mapped additional AD Attributes like Job Title, Department to Suite Fields
Quick guide if anyone wants it:
to custom/modules/Users/authentication/
custom/modules/Users/authentication/LDAPAuthenticate/LDAPConfigs/default.php and map additional attributes to suite fields.
Repair and Rebuild.

When a user logs on for the 1st time all the correct information is mapped to the relevant SuiteCRM fields
If that person has a job title change or moves to another department or even a name change or phone number the changes are not being replicated on subsequent logins.

If i delete the user and remove them from the database, the new information is synced.

Is there anyway to force attribute sync on ldap login ?

I’m always looking to improve efficiency and consistency where network administration is concerned!