Layout of Subpanel Create mini form.

I have a subform under opportunity. One Oppty to many Donations.
When I want to create a new Donation record within the subform a small popup entry screen appears. I cannot seem to find the layout to this. It only asks for a Name and shows user assigned.

The same create popup form for Projects is much more expanded and inlcudes more entry fields.

These do not seem to be the Quick forms.

Thanks in advance.

If it is a popup sounds like its the popup search form, which allows you to search that module to relate the record

The quick create does not open in a new window and appears in the detail view of the opportunity.


Yes thats correct … any way we can edit (add fields) to the Quick Create forms?



You should be able to add and remove fields from studio within the admin panel. just as you would with the detail and edit views within studio.