Layout of EMail will not save

Hi Guys,

I am running Version 7.2.1 Sugar Version 6.5.20 (Build 1001) and am very happy with it. Thanks for an awesome product.

The one issue I have is the e-mail page. Whenever I open the email page, the From, Subject, Date, Sent, columns are very difficult to read and they have to be resized. If you leave the e-mail page and go back to it you have to resize the columns again - the layout won’t save.

Is this normal?

Any help you can offer would cheer up out team immeasurably.

Kind regards, Dave

Hi Dave,

The Emails/Studio areas have been fairly untouched but need work, and they are something we plan to improve in time.

For now, I would advise working with a debugger or inspect the element in the browser and look to make changes in both yui.css/style.css in the SuiteR theme.



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Thank you for your help Will. I will do a little bit of digging and I’ll let you know if I find a cure

My next post on here will be because I am in a complete panic having broken the site completely! :slight_smile: