Last digits of Numbers automatically becoming 0 on export


In my SuiteCRM there are a few Numerical fields that i have made as a textfield type ranging near 16 digits.

In SuiteCRM it all shows fine as eg: 1001,1002,1003,1004

But on exporting this i get them as 1001,1002,1003,1000

The last few digits irrespective of what they are turn into 0.

Please let me know how do i stop this.

Which SuiteCRM version, which module, which buttons you press, where…?

Please be more specific. Help us help you…

SuiteCRM Version 7.8.2
Leads and Contacts Module
This happens on exporting the values in a csv. It looks fine in CRM

Which fields did you try in the Contacts module?

Also, those values you gave in your first post, is “1001,1002,1003,1004” something you type into one field or is it a list of several values in several records?

I can try to reproduce it here if I know exactly what you did. Thanks

In Contact Module and Lead Module, i have a custom field created called coupon codes (4 values are input in 1 text field)
Type of the custom field is Text-field.

It is Input just as shown separated by commas. It shows correct in the CRM on view. Then i try to export ALL my contacts directly from module. But the coupon codes get messed up with their last few digits converting to 0.

Same happens with Mobile Number if i input 2 Mobile Numbers separated by a slash or comma, Field Type Phone the last few digits on exporting become zero.

Hhm that is really strange. I wonder if it is just in your system…

Can you please try it on the live demo to see if it works there?
User: will
Pass: will

Try the mobile number field, it seems a simpler case than the custom field.