Labeling clients

I’ve started using Suite CRM and there’s one issue I can’t figure out. Maybe you can help me.
The question is about labeling clients. Who is contractor/prospect client etc.
Imagine that you have a company you want to contact. How to label them? As prospect client?
And then if they want you to send an offer again, how to label them in CRM?
Last question is how to label them if you make a deal with them, as a contractor?
I’d be grateful for any clues
Kind regards


Sorry, im not too sure what it is you’d like to achieve?

Would you just like a way to differentiate between different types of records?
In which case, you could add a field in Admin->Studio, and add it to the List/Detail views for quick viewing

Then, you could update it via Workflow/Logic hook, depending on what conditions you have set

Your workflow also sounds like it might be suitable to the Leads/Opportunities process flow (In which Leads can be converted into Opportunities once processed) You could perhaps use these modules, and rename them to suit your purpose?
Otherwise, if you'd like something more custom, you might be able to add some custom formatting to the Listview, as described here:

Is this something like what you’re looking for?

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That works, thank you!

Don’t forget that for very basic labeling, if you don’t want the extra complexity of separate modules, you can simply create a dropdown with a list of values (Contractor, Prospect) etc

You create the dropdown on the Admin / Dropdown editor, and then put it in the views in Studio. See the user guide for help.