KReports invalid currencies

Hi everyone,

When creating a simple report using KReporter, for example the “grand total” field of an invoice, then the currency of the invoice is not taken into account. It simply puts a dollar sign before the amount, because in my CRM the default currency is USD. So EUR3000 becomes USD3000 and so on. Obviously this will result in useless reports.

Is this a known bug in KReports or am I missing something?


This works fine for me if I use the KReporter field “Grand Total”
Please ensure that you are using this field, and not the one titled “Grand Total (Default Currency)” as this one will show the value in the default currency
(i.e USD)

Do you have the correct conversion rate of the currencies? it looks like that your conversion rate is just 1

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The currency conversion rates are set like this:

USD (Default) - 1.00
CNY - 6.35
EUR - 0.92
HKD - 7.75

I’m using the Grand Total field (not the Default Currency one).