KReporter V4.2.0 (license is expired)

The problem is that on my old server the KReport works fine!, but i setup another server with LAMP, y get only my suite CRM files and folders to pass to the new server, (this for make independent of bitnami), but when I try to open the KReports module on the new server it show me the windows but without the controls and show me the message

" KReporter V4.2.0 (license is expired) "

What can I do? whats happening?. where could be stored the license key?

i searched on DB and the System settings but i do not find any related to Kreports license

Works Fine -Old Server

Not Working New server and Kreports Upgradded

The new version of KReports is unfortunately not fully compatible with SuiteCRM. You could contact the KReporter team directly to see if they would offer assistance but I suspect this would lead to them stating that it is no longer fully compatible and is only fully designed to work with their own CRM system.