Kreporter Installation not working ond SuiteCRM onDemand


I’m trying to install the Kreporter module on my SuiteCRM ondemand, but it doesn’t work.

Seaching some old tickets, I believe the problem might be with the KREST Core installation configuration that is asked (changes in .php files and apache). Howerver, since its an ondemad suiteCRM, I don’t have access to those configuration.

I already sent 2 e-mails to suiteCRM team, however didn’t receive any answer.

Can someone please help me, or point me to a direct channel to the support team for suitecrm ondemand?


What version of Kreporter are you using?
I believe the suite only accepts version 3.1 dp Kreporter.


I’m stalling the latest versions:

  • Krest Core v2.5.3
  • KReporter Core v4.2.0
  • Kreporter Base Package v4.2.0

KREST may be the most resurrected version, only the KReporter Core and Kreporter Basepack versions have to be 3.1.

After uninstalling the current versions and reinstalling the specified versions, do not forget to Repair in admin.

@patriciam I asked the SuiteOnDemand support team and I don’t haven’t seen your emails. Please check if you were given access to Support and how you’re supposed to contact them, unless the answers here were enough for your needs. Thanks.