Just registered and a history of 7 posts from 1 month ago ????


I am completly new to Suitecrm and in this forum too.

I registered two days ago with a nick “colorin” and looked just now into my Profile.

And here… A big surprise: I have already a history of 7 posts and 1 thank dated more than 1 month ago.

As I have seen there is an other user with the same “colorin” nickname.

I could not find a way to contact the admins directly, so I try it this way. In fact at the moment I do not feel to comfortable according the security and privacy policy.

I am also not sure if this post is in the right category, if not, thank You for moving it there, where it should belong.

My question is what are the next steps? What is the right way I shell do?

Thanks for help in advance

Hi, welcome

I’m sorry about this confusion but I have no idea what happened. It’s the first time I see this case. Maybe the previous user deleted his account, and some bug in the forum’s software causes it to assume his messages are your, just because you happened to choose the same user name. But I am just speculating here.

I suggest you just continue using your username and post again here if you notice something else suspicious (like another person posting with the same name). But I don’t think anything will happen, because Iooked in the database and there is only one “colorin” user now, and it’s yours (email in germany, right?).

We’ll be moving to a new forum software soon so I try not to waste too much time with the bugs on this one :dry:

Hi Admin,

thank You for the information. Yes it`s my email-adress.

If You checked the account and there is only one, so it should be ok for me. If something strange should happen, I will tell it.

Have a great week!

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