Just did a migration to 7.10.10 from 7.3.2 - Search function not working

I’m thinking this might be a database indexing issue but here is what happened:

I set up a fresh install of 7.10.10 with no data. I added all my customizations and modules and got the system working the same as my current 7.3.2 system. Then I exported the DB from 7.3.2 and imported it to 7.10.10 just using mysqldump to export and mysql to import.

I logged in and went to repair and rebuild and ran the script to re-sync the database to the vardefs etc. All ran OK without issue. Now when I use the search box at the top it never finds any records… unless… if I go into a record and edit something and save it then it will show in the search.

Any ideas why this may be?

Forgot to include:
Running on CentOS 7
PHP 7.2.11
MariaDB 10.2
Apache 2.4.6


For anyone else that may run into this issue I was able to fix it a couple of ways. First the box in the top right is the “Advanced Search” so that requires the jobs in the scheduler to run. If you have a new install you have to make sure that you set up the cron and let it run the job to index the AOD and Lucene. Once that is done the search works.

The other way is to disable AOD in the system settings and then all searches revert to basic search and that will work without having to run any scheduled jobs.


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