joomla3 portal plugin missing manifest.php file

greetings from Canada

I am trying to upload and install the Joomla 3 portal and receive the manifest.php file is missing. Checking the zip file
there is no manifest.php file. I am hoping someone can guide me along the way with the issue, the rest of the installation
have gone perfectly fine

Hi Dodger,

Where are you installing the component?

The AOP module is already installed in SuiteCRM, so you simply need to install the correct component on your Joomla website(either 2.x or 3.x).



Thanks for the quick response Will. As soon as I read your question of “where I’m installing the component”, I realized I was doing
things backward. Boo! The good side of this is I learned a good amount while I was digging for info and testing my ideas.

Thanks again Will