Joomla Resources For AOP Config

I’ve got some problems enabling the AOP that seem to be typical for quite a few people based on the posts I’ve found on this forum. I’m using a locally hosted suite instance 7.51, and spun up a fresh Joomla 3.4 VM specifically to try and enable the AOP.

  1. “Failed to Create Portal Users” on the Suite side - And Nothing in the Suitecrm.log file pertaining to this.
  2. Followed instructions in this Wiki to no avail.
  3. Added List Cases and New Cases menu items to main Joomla Menu, but with an error 500 result on attempted viewing of those pages with no other info.

I’m new to Joomla and really don’t have the faintest clue what I am doing in that CMS so far. The documentation that I’ve found seems to indicate that enabling AOP is relatively trivial, which so far I have not found to be true.

Anyway, is there any RECENT documentation, especially on the Joomla side that provide more detailed steps required to enable communication between to the two platforms as I’m in need of troubleshooting guidance.

Thanks in advance for any help.

In my case the problem was with the Sugar url in the Joomla settings page. It should not contain the trailing ‘/’.