Joomla! Portal - How to use it?

I can see the AOP Settings in admin section. But when i am configuring with Joomla, where can i find the Joomla Component, also I did not find the button to convert the Contact to Portal user in suiteCRM’s Contact.

In Joomla! I fill SugarCRM Settings - URL = login and password
In suiteCRM I fill AOP Settings - URL = because i install Joomla to web root.


Hi there,

A few things to check:

1.) Check that the email address for the contact is not already in use in the portal.
2.) ensure to enter http:// or https:// in the URL fields.
3.) ensure the login/password in Joomla are that of the admin user in SuiteCRM.
4.) Failing this, please provide screen shots of your contact page and your AOP settings pages.