Javascript function to switch tabs

In the past I have used panels and created next and back buttons that can cycle through panels by expanding and collapsing the corresponding panels, I now want to do the same thing but with the tabs and I know how to do it except I just need to know the names of the functions to include in the code?

I was wondering where I could find/someone could tell me the name of the javascript function that fires when tabs are clicked on to switch to that tab.


Hi there,

Which tabs? Subpanel tabs? Can you provide some screen shots?



I’m referring to the ‘overview, brief, proposal etc…’ tabs at the top, below the save and control buttons.
What I mean is how can I control switching the tabs through custom buttons? What is the name of the function that switches to the specific tab, (I managed to do this with the panels already).

Any ideas?
I just need to know what are the names of the specific javascript functions that control the displaying of each tab.
For example, with panels it is: