I've created a report with a pie chart but it doesn't show in the dashlet

I’ve created a report and in the report module I see the chart and the fields but when I had it has a dashlet on the home screen I only see the fields but the pie chart isn’t there. I was working on 7.8.X but i’m on 7.10.4 now.

Please add the Analytical Reporting Dash-let from the REPORTS option in dash-let menu. And then from this Dash-let edit option select your report.
Now the Chart should appear instead of fields.


This is what I already did. I created the report in the report module, with fields, a condition and a pie chart. It is working in when I got in the report module and check the detailview of the record. But when I go on the home screen add a report dashlet and select the report I just made I only see the stats and not the chart.

Can you please check by changing the Report type?
please add column report and then try. Check if it works

I did try an other type of chart and I doesn’t display either. Here are what I see in the report module and the dashlet view.

The other option is to add the URL dashlet. And you should add report URL there with a parameter