Issues with campaigns


  • I am experiencing an issue when scheduling an email campaign. My SuiteCRM time is GMT +1 (server is GMT +0) and I noticed that the campaign works two hours after the scheduled time.

  • The second issue I have is with email variables in campaigns. I add account and contacts variables in my email template. If I use the email module to send and email template it works translating both accounts and contacts variables. But when I send the same email template through campaigns module it just translates contact variables. Do you know why?

  • I have contacts related to some accounts ( 1 contact belongs to 3 accounts). If I add the contact from accounts view to a target list (add contacts of an account to a target list), it just add the contact ones what means just for one of the accounts so it will send just one email instead of one for account as I would expect.

Can you help me please?

Really appreciate it.