Issues in Default SuiteCRM

I am using the SuiteCRM- 7.3.1 and which have this issue bellow in screen shots.
When i am click on next arrow button for see more record then double window appear in dashlet popup.
Kindly fix it and guide me about this issue.

Hi, This is a known issue in SuiteCRM

This is likely caused by the Homepage link (Specifically, the one on the top-left of the CRM) leading to a page that isn’t AJAX enabled.

There are two ways around this issue.
The easiest one is to simply navigate to the Home Page by clicking “Home” on any of the dropdowns. See attached screenshot for an example.

The 2nd is to modify it in the code.

Copy the file found at: themes/SuiteR/tpls/_headerModuleList.tpl
and paste it to:
so it becomes:

Change line 42 so it becomes:
Then run a Quick Repair & Rebuild and clear your Browser’s cache.
Navigating to the homepage via the link on the top-left should no longer cause this issue.

Do either of these help your issue?