Issue with non mandatory field


We have a non-mandatory field in the module. It is related field. Now, when particular user trying to edit and save other field in the different tab of the same module. They’re getting an error - Changes you made may not be saved.

Why we’re getting this error? How to resolve it?

Thanks in advance!

You must have a mandatory field somewhere that it not populated. It doesn’t matter which tab it’s on, as long as one mandatory field in the entire record is not populated, you cannot save it.

I think all mandatory fields where filled out in the opportunity module. Still it was showing an error at non mandatory field (It was asking to fill that field then we were able to update and save record). I hope I am able to explain it.

Show screen shot of the error you are seeing.

Found the issue. It is because that field is auto-filled by code and now we have change in the values.

Once we updated in the code, it starts working.

Thank you, Paul.