Issue with inbound email

Want to create leads when new mail occurs in crm so for that i wrote a logic hook after_save but its not working when new mail occurs but its working fine when i check it manually

Version 7.9 has a completely new Email module.

Emails need to be imported to be seen by SuiteCRM. If you need auto-import, you need to use a Group Email Account (configured in Admin / Inbound / Create new Group email account).

I am not sure how this works with logic hooks, but I guess that if you import the email your hook will be triggered. You’ll have to try.

I have configure the group mail account but logic hook with it is not working

Does it get triggered when importing the email?

Did you configure the inbound with “auto-import”?

Do you see any errors in your logs?


I configure the inbound with “auto-import” and n error log found

You’re a hard person to help. You don’t provide information. I ask you 3 things, you answer 2. I spend more time writing my posts than you spend writing yours, which are just a couple of lines complaining it doesn’t work. You don’t investigate your own problem. If you can’t find an error log, which has a thousand pages in Google explaining where it is, then you probably just shouldn’t be trying to write logic hooks.

I think my time is best spent helping others, goodbye…