Issue with Add to target list

I can’t add targets to target list from Campaign. I try to add ‘Click-thru Link’ to target lists but it does not work.

Version 7.11.12 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)


The workaround would be to first create the Target Lists from the Target Lists module, and only afterwards go into the Campaign wizard…

yes, target list is already created but ‘add to target list’ button doesnt do anything. target list is still empty. I am trying to add to a target list all those who clicked a link in my email campaigns.

It is happening to me on the campaign view status window

I understand there may be a bug in the Campaigns screen.

But what I meant with my suggestion was not only to create the target list from the Target Lists module, but also to do all the work adding people to that list from there. Have you tried that?

Thank you for the fast reply:)
This is exactly what i’m doing now but its not convenient at all especially with a big list adding them 1 by 1.


Do you know how to use Bulk Action?

You would start from the list view of the module (for example Leads), filter for the ones you want, select them, and then use Bulk Action to Add to Target List.

how can i filer the targets who clicked on a link on my email campaigns? or targets who just opened it?

Hhhmm I don’t think so. I am starting to understand your problem.

Are you a developer? It’s coming from here:

From the campaign_log database table.

I see two approaches:

  1. From the Reports module, try using the campaign_log to get a list of what you want. If you can do it, the Reports have an option to add all their lines to a Target List.

  2. Try to solve the original problem. Check your logs at the time when the button fails. Also - try it with smaller amounts of data, as a test - to discover if you’re hitting a resource problem (if the button works with 3 targets, but not with 3000)

Yes, i am a developer.
Thanks i will try using the report log solution. the 2nd approach doesn’t work either

You must mean that the small amounts don’t solve the problem. Ok.

But the part about checking the logs should give you something, no?

nothing on the logs, this bug is a big one

A couple of things that occurred to me meanwhile-

Please try upgrading to 7.11.13 which just came out, it solves a few bugs.

Then also check that your PHP version is within these limits:

(PHP 7.4 won’t work)

Thanks, did it via reports.

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I was having the same issue as well. I was just able to get it via Reports.

I have a working 7.10.27 Suite where upgrade currently is not an option.
Is there any solution in code?

In older version 7.10.14 this is working; so what has changed that this is not working in .27?

The issue is still present in version 8.2.4
The wizard when reaching the end does not see that a targetlist was added and falsely flags that the campaign does not have one.

I’ll see if pgr’s fix works