Issue while Exporting the Data

Hi Folks,

I have Accounts module having 28K records, I need to update one of their field, So I need to export the data and make changes and re-import the same.
But while exporting the same into Excel, system hangs for 50-60 seconds and then throws the following error

This page isn’t working suitescrm is currently unable to handle this request.

However if I tries to export limited data, I am able to do so, so I guess this is because of high no. of records, heavy filesize etc. So is there any way to overcome this?

Many thanks!

You probably just need to change max_execution_time or memory_limit in your php.ini (then restart web server).

However, I would also advise not doing this through export-change-import, it’s really not an adequate method.

Try just doing a Mass update from list view, or an SQL UPDATE from phpMyAdmin, or a “all records” workflow, or a bit of custom code.