Issue trying to access SuiteCRM via v4_1 API


I need to develop a program that needs to access via REST API to SuiteCRM.
So, I am trying to use the v4_1 API to access to our SuiteCRM in production but everytime I try, I get in response the 403 error forbidden permission.

I precise that the same request work fine on my local SuiteCRM which is a copy of the SuiteCRM in production. Because it uses the same data, it is not an error in the user auth.
Plus, I use the admin user so it has the right to access to SuiteCRM.

To access to my SuiteCRM prod, I use this URL :
To access to my local SuiteCRM, I use this URL : http://myIP/[Suitecrm path]/service/v4_1/rest.php.

Could the issue be from the https ?

Both prod and local SuiteCRM are in 7.13.3.
I also remove the application-name parameter from my request because it had some problems with php8.
I use my Advance Rest Client (ARC) to do my REST request. Like this, I can test my request before putting it in my program.

Can you help me with this issue ?

Best regards