Issue loading icons in new theme


I’ve just created a new suiteCRM theme, based on the SuiteP theme, so in certains path ( to get images for instance ), I could see /SuiteP/, but I need my theme which I called SuiteEX, to be independant, so i’ve changed all the path with /SuiteP/ with /SuiteEX/, and it works perfectly except for one thing, the icons…

For instance, in my style.css i have

li#usermenu a span.user_icon {

		    background-image: none, url("../../../../index.php?entryPoint=getImage&themeName=[b]SuiteEX[/b]&imageName=p_user_icon.svg"), url("../../../../index.php?entryPoint=getImage&themeName=[b]SuiteEX[/b]&imageName=p_user_icon.png");

SO it should work, but in my browser i don’t get the icon and I get this url instead : none, url("…/…/…/…/index.php?entryPoint=getImage&themeName=SuiteEX&themeName=SuiteP&imageName=p_user_icon.svg"), url("…/…/…/…/index.php?entryPoint=getImage&themeName=SuiteEX&themeName=SuiteP&imageName=p_user_icon.png")

IT KEEPS looking for the SuiteP icons instead of following my url, and when i change the preview url with SuiteEX instead of SuiteP, i get the icon, but only in my browser…

I’ve tried to change my url with something like that : url("…/…/…/…/themes/SuiteEX/images/p_user_icon.svg") but doesn’t work neither, it stills giving me the index.php?entrypoint…

HELP it’s urgent :blush: