Issue after migrating Sugar to SuiteCRM - The research bar returns a Sugar's page

I’m encountering an issue in SuiteCRM after the migration of Sugar to SuiteCRM.
When I use the research bar to search an account for example, it shows me the result but when I click on the result from this page, it’s get me to the Sugar page of the account like if I didn’t do the migration.

After I clicked :

Do you know how to fix this ?

SuiteCRM version : 7.12.4
SugarCRM build version : 6.5.25

Apache2 version : 2.4.52
PHP version : 7.3.33
SQL version : 5.7.41

Have you tried a hard refresh in the browser? CTRL-F5

Do you have a paralell SugarCRM instance running in your network?

When you hover your mouse over the link with the search result, the one that takes you to the wrong place when clicked, what does the link (the URL) contain, exactly?

It’s possible that, since search uses indexed results, those results contain outdated URLs.

I tried the hard refresh but it didn’t change anything.

I install SugarCRM on one of my PC which acts as a server then I migrate SugarCRM to SuiteCRM with the package SugarCE Migration 6.x to Suite 7.6.6 that I download from the SuiteCRM website so I just have this one running on my network.

When I hover my mouse on the result, the result is this link and it’s an old one :

If my index contain outdated URLs, where I can replace them with the good URLs ?

I fixed it.
Based on this thread Problem with url of search results - #2 by LieBit,
I find out that my redirect URL site_url in my config.php was not the right URL so I change it and it fixed it.
I’m new to SuiteCRM and that was hard for me to see.
Sorry if I bothered you and thank you for the help.

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