Is this a sign of a wrong php error?

I finally re- installed more or less successfully, and in studio got this error.

Suitecrm 8.2.3 Installed on Ubuntu Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS. Php -v gives PHP 8.1.2-1ubuntu2.10 (cli)

Should I changed to php 8.0?
Can I just ignore this and wait for suitecrm to catch up to php versions ?

You might need to downgrade… based on the information here: Compatibility Matrix :: SuiteCRM Documentation

Thanks. I downgraded/reinstalled with php8.0 ( I’m getting faster at this now) but I still got the “undefined error”. My next effort will be with php7.4. My efforts are slowing since I’m in the middle of adopting a dog.

I must say, its dreadfully unsporting of php developers to make successive versions non compatible. If I knew anything about programming, I would suggest, well something…

“undefineds” are a sure sign of broken ownerships/permissions