Is there any way to have 2 edit view

I have a custom field dropdown field on contact module. Is there any way to show different edit view based on the selected option of the dropdown field? That means if option A is selected editviewdefs.php would be showed up. If option B is selected, editviewdefs2.php would be showed up.

You can make it so certain fields will display depending on a dropdown option through the code.
However, this will require fairly large changes to the code of your editview, and you will require some PHP and JS knowledge.

Some assistance can be found here:
However, you will need to have an account on SugarCRM’s forums.

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Thanks @John,

It seems that the link does not exist any more. I registered in SugerCRM community, but still link point me to welcome page. Is there any other reference?

Ah, The Link must have went down very recently!

Seems they’ve updated their website.
New link for the post here:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much more about this that could prove useful, but if I find anything i’ll keep you updated.

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Thanks John

the link is clear and straight forward.

I am looking for another solution, since I grouped custom fields in contact edit view under some tabs, the code on the link just hide and show the fields and labels. I also need to hide tabs conditionally.
As an alternative I want to define two menus for creating contact. Menu 1 shows editview1 and menu 2 shows editview2. In this way, I can have 2 custom edit views and I don’t need to show and hide some fields and tabs.
Can you give me an idea about steps that I should take for:

  1. Creating menus and passing proper parameter to it to show different editviews
  2. Creating custom editviews