Is there any way to find the unsubscribed list?


Is there any way to find the unsubscribed list through suitecrm? I have mistakenly clicked the unsubscribe link, therefore automatically suitecrm suppressing my email id when I run the campaign.

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Each Account, Contact etc record will have an opt out button next to the email on the record itself. You should be able to revert it there.

According to my tests, there are 2 possible cases here, if you press an unsubscribe link:

  1. If the campaign is a Newsletter, the email of the contact who clicked will not be marked as “Opt out”. Only new emails from that specific Newsletter will be blocked. All the others campaigns (even other different newsletter) will keep coming normally to that user.
  2. If the campaign is a Email, the email of the contact who pressed unsubscribe link will be marked as “Opt out” and will never receive new emails from campaigns, no matter the type.

So, answering your question:
Use case 1 --> I think that there is no way to revert the unsubscribe action using the application, even if you’re an admin. Probably it could be reverted working manually with the database. So just create a new campaign and continue working normally.

Use case 2 --> Same answer that @Mac-Rae , you just need to go (Edit) the Contact who unsubscribed and uncheck the “Opt-out” checkmark placed on the email info of his/her profile.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Mac-Rae,

Thank you so much for your valid response, and I have figured out that fix

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Hi @Watt_Wing,

Thank you so much for you detailed response. I will note down these points, and these points will be helpful to me in the future.

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