Is there a way to record a date next to each note entered in suitecrm?

For example:

Notes in a text area:

1/5/15 spoke to client
2/15/16 client said no needs right now, f/u at end of the year
12/17/16 had a great call with client
2/4/17 client just asked for a quote
3/1/17 client just made a purchase!

all i see is a date modified but once you make a modification, that date is gone. I need a way to record a date next to each note, or I would have to manually put in a date each time. I need all notes single spaced with a date so there is a flow to it.

Any help is appreciated.

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Every record in SuiteCRM also has a field called date_created in the database.

I’m not sure, I didn’t check, but I believe you can find this field in Studio and just add it to the List view or the subpanel where you want to see your notes with their respective dates.

Another way that you can explore is to use the Cases module. The threaded updates might work well for you.

I’ve been looking for the same thing for quite some time now. I might even consider a plug-in if it would do that pretty much in the same way cases are done. Actually it would be a great project for someone who develops plug-ins just creating threaded updates via Notes or a field that you can add pretty much anywhere.

Hi @dwaynecasey

The desired thing can be achieved via customization

  1. Create a note from subpanel as you do normally. And on the Detailview of the record customize it such that it shows as a thread.
  2. Or you can look at the Collaboration add-on, this keeps how your team can communicate with each other over a record.

Two years later and I still am looking :grinning:. I considered the collaboration addon. But it places the collaboration into another section outside of the other fields. Im going to review your mention on the detail view.

This feature DOES already in SuiteCRM? Called ’ ReSchedule’.

It works within the Calls module.
And allows you to enter notes for when you couldn’t complete a call: which Suite then saves, along with the date you entered the notes.

See the documentation for it

Back to the original post:

Those are records of meaningful conversations with prospects -many CRM users would use ‘Close and Create New’ after each one of those: so that the CRM has an easy-to-view summary of the contacts with that contact / Opportunity.
As each call is there as a row - together with the 1-line-note of each.

That is helpful -you can see at a glance ’ ah, I spoke already X times to this person / to people in this Opp -without needing to open the Call and read through the notes inside.

And makes it easy to run a Report:

  • list all people where we had a Call now ‘Held’ - with the subject line ‘client asked for quote’.

And a seperate report for other cases eg where the subject line was :‘client said no needs right now’

It may not work for everybodies workflow - but is very common CRM workflow.

At minimum - this type of call needs to be it’s own seperate call - commercially it is the most important type of call!:

  • client just made a purchase!