Is there a basic user guide stepping through how to use SuiteCRM?

At the risk of sounding silly, I cannot seem to find a basic user guide of how to use the basic features of SuiteCRM i.e. from A to B

I am fairly overwhelmed right now trying to work our where to start using what looks like a fabulous platform but cannot understand how to set up leads, marketing, conversions, contacts etc etc etc… The guide I can find here does not seem to explain any of these basics.

Any tips on the basics would be great. We are ready to go with our sales conversion pipeline.


Hi OnthegOinOz,

Currently the SalesAgility team are working on a User Guide and will release within the near future.

What are you having trouble doing exactly?


I agree with Cameron totally! Understanding things like:

-Setting up sales workflows.
-Should I create a contact and when appropriate turn it into a lead and then if a contract is signed turn it into an Account?
-Do I have to reenter all the contact data to turn it into a lead…
-Do I have to reenter all the lead information data to create an account?
-Where do Opportunity and Target fit in?

It’s not that we don’t understand the terms and sales workflows… but each company may use different terminology and in fact different workflows. The real question that needs to be answered is:

How can we optimize our business processes to most effectively use SuiteCRM capabilities? The designers/developers must have had ideas on this as the development took place.

Does anyone know if ANY published book on “Implementing/Optimizing Your CRM Approach Using SuiteCRM”? This would also be a great Sales/Marketing tool.