Is SuiteCRM the right choice for me?

Hallo to all

I’m just about to find out if Cuite CRM is the right choice for me. Certain functions are decisive for me. I would be very grateful for any feedback.

  • I need support for Microsoft Office 2013. I have already seen that there is an Outlook plugin. But how are the payment contributions? Are they always bound per user? I would like to pay only once.
  • I need a way to create Word serial letters with the contact data from the CRM.
    Is there such a possibility. At the moment we are still using Word 2013.
  • I have to import many document links. The documents themselves are stored on a NAS. Can I do that with the on-board resources?
  • I have a lot of e-mail attachments that need to be imported. Can I do that with the on-board tools?

Thank you for all your feedback!

Greetz Bavra

The Outlook Plug-in only has that pricing scheme, sorry.

Do you need to create the serial letters in Word? SuiteCRM can create them for you in PDF format, it’s the same, you define a template, it applies the specific contact’s data, and generates. The letter gets automatically connected to that Contact’s record.

Maybe if you see these articles you can get a sense of how files are stored and linked:

It’s likely that this sort of import will take some specially designed processes. Tell me if you want to hire consultancy for that. If not, just keep asking here and I’ll do my best to answer.