Is it possible to set LDAP and Mail settings from config(_override).php?

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I’m trying to bring SuiteCRM to a self-hosted 1-click-installation platform and was curious if it’s possible to get or set the LDAP and mail-server settings through a config file. I see that LDAP and mail settings are saved in the database (tables config and outbound_email), is there a way to set those through environment variables or config overrides, or maybe during the installation process with the silent installation?

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I don’t think there’s any way to do what you say. Mail configuration is done inside the app, it’s considered as a post-installation task.

You can, of course, write scripts to do it, or simply run some SQL doing inserts into MySQL tables.

Don’t forget to include cron configuration in your script!

ah alright, thanks for the clarification and pointers!
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