Is it possible to Merge Cases

I was looking to see if Suite CRM has a Case Merging feature but have not found anything on it.
Is it possible to merge multiple cases into a single case or anyway to make one case be a parent case for multiple cases.

Here’s the use case:
A master case is created indicating an outage and the status of the outage.
Customers calling with a service outage problem. A case is created for each customer.
Customer cases need to be connected to the master case as a child case.
When the master case is closed all the connected (child cases) are automatically closed.

How can this be handled in Suite CRM?


To me, that doesn’t really sound like a “merge cases” feature request, it sounds more like a “dependent cases” feature request. Could I be right?

You could create a one-to-many relationship from Cases to cases, and call it “dependent cases”. Then you would link the Cases between themselves, taking care to ensure the main case is on the “one” side of the relationship (relationships between 2 records of the same module can easily get confusing).

Then you would need some custom code (or try a workflow, but I doubt it can be achieved from there) that closes all sub-cases when the main case is closed.

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Yea your right it is dependency issue. The old system they are using calls it Ticket Merging so I used that term.

I will make note of this and do some testing to see what I can do.