Is it possible to manually upgrade to 7.8.3?

Hello. We’re currently running version 7.7.8 and want to upgrade to 7.8.3.

Ran the upgrade on a test environment (same location as our production environment only just a little bit of data). It ran fine. We then kicked off the production upgrade. The “System Check” timesout - it’s taking too long and the server stops.

I checked with my hosting provider. They have set the query time as high as possible given our account. The system checks just take too long. The only way they say we can get around it is to upgrade our account which will give us a lot more (unlimited) query time. Unfortunately, the cost to upgrade is 20X our currently monthly cost and we can’t afford that.

I wondered if there was a way to manually run the upgrade? I unzipped the upgrade package to see if there were any manual instructions but find none.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you.


What do you have in UpgradeWizard.log?

It’s weird that the System Check times out. It’s not such a complicated procedure. Do you notice your CRM is slow, in general? Sometimes the database grows in weird ways and gets cluttered.

I would turn on a higher level of logging (“debug”) and see from the logs where it is in the code. Then I would tweak the code to skip parts of the system check, but making sure the things it’s checking for are covered. For example, you can check file permissions form the command line, and fix them, and skip that test by removing some lines from the code.

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pgr -

Thanks for the thoughts. I did turn on debug mode and watched the log. It was chugging away just fine when it timed-out.

I checked with my hosting vendor and, of course, my account level doesn’t support queries that long. To get the time that I need, they want me to upgrade my account from $5/mo to $80/mo. That won’t happen.

What I may do is download the existing environment and put it on a local machine here, run the upgrade, and then move everything back. That will be a royal pain. If that doesn’t work, I’ll look for a new hosting provider.

Thank you again for your thoughts.

Sometimes hosting providers with that sort of restriction will let you have a longer limit just for a few hours, so you can run the upgrade, and then put it back to normal. You might have to beg, though - or simply threaten them with moving away to another provider :slight_smile:

Anyway, I just went and had a look at the System check code, and I don’t think it’s reasonable for it to run for so long. It doesn’t do that much. You probably have some problem in your system that is causing it to loop indefinitely, or to find too many files with permissions problems, or something…

I’ve just updraded from 7.8 to 7.9.2 and it timed out. The CRM is working with most things - sort of - but when I go to admin to click on upgrade wizard to try and reinstall again - I get timed out I am getting a 500 Error - service timeout. This is the first time ever upgrading SuiteCRM that this has happened.

Can I upgrade manually as no way it will work via upgrade wizard.

Huskidog, you should open your own thread and give more information about your system.

Coming here asking for a manual upgrade procedure is like going to the doctor asking him for a specific treatment, instead of letting him diagnose and suggest whatever is appropriate…

I’ve heard of dozens of people who had trouble upgrading, and then ended up succeeding after tweaking php.ini or fixing permissions. I’ve never heard of anyone succeeding in a “manual upgrade” (whatever that is) instead of a normal upgrade.

The first thing for you to try would be to increase max_execution_time in php.ini…