Is it possible to customize IDs?

Hello there,

We would like to customize the IDs for the entrys under Projects and Accounts.
Is it possible to adapt them to our company’s rules for those numbers?

Thanks in advance and KR

I’ll recommend you to create a custom field in Studio to capture your Custom ID. Standard ID’s are used to create all relationships in SuiteCRM. Changing their format could potentially break things in your installation.



If you’re talking about using custom ids in the database (such as when you’re importing previous data), that should be ok. As long as the ids are unique, they can be anything.

But in order to have the “Create project” screens use your own id, that requires some code changes. Simple, but still, it’s a code customization.

Possibly what might work well for you is to let SuiteCRM use it’s own ids, but have an additional custom field with your company’s notation, and change the views so that this is shown prominently.