Invoices Report does not sum on group date field if invoice related with a contact

Hi everybody !

I have an issue with Reports module (AOR_Reports)
I have created a report to query Invoices module, to display sums for 2 currency fields, group by invoice date on month/year (see step1 picture)
the report displays does not Sum on 2 invoices from the same month it seems if i have contact related with invoice (see step 2 picture) it cause issues…

this is the invoices i have in the crm :

Thank you in advance for Helps or Hints !


SuiteCRM 7.9.7
Windows 10
MAMP 3.2.2 with Php 7.0.9, Apache 2.2

I don’t know, but if you could please try and reproduce this in the onine demo

and if it’s not working there, then search GitHub for any issue about this; if not, please open it yourself - these screenshots will be helpful!