Invoices... How do you use it?

I’m just curious on how you guys use the invoice module.

Mostly because I am personally uncertain how to use it to my company’s best advantage…

For example in my case I use an external invoicing system called Invoice Nin ja which is self hosted and free…
See here: (Check it out by the, it is a great system :smirk: )

So my real question I guess is how do you guys use the SuiteCRM invoice module when you are already using a dedicated invoice system?

Do you upload the generated invoices to SuiteCRM or do you even create the invoice there manually just to have the data in one place?

Please share and tell how you use the invoice module. :+1:

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards

My experiences I use the Invoice module itself, having not used another system for it.

I guess it depends on how you want to use the data on both systems?

Do you want to report on CRM to then upsell based on invoice status/products purchased? Or do you just need to reference an invoice on your other system?

I think the title of your thread is abit plain, maybe ask “[Discussion]How do you use SuiteCRM invoices if using another system”? Hopefully you’ll get more answers :slight_smile: