Invoice Question

I am making and modifying an invoice , and I create a product called, service, with no description. Now, when i go to create the invoice, add that item to the invoice, and under that line item there are two areas, description, and notes, and when I population that area with txt, nothing shows up in the invoice when I select print to PDF.

I thought that the $aos_products_description tag would be the item for this in the invoice , but doesn’t work.

Anyone know the correct tag for the description?

Thanks In advance.


When you select the product the product, part number, price and description fields are automatically completed by the CRM. Any changes you make to these fields will be ignored. You need to add the description you want displayed on the invoice to the product

Are you able to use the “notes” field for this,i.e. can you add the notes to the product on the invoice page (As opposed to permantly saving them with the product). Would this then appear on the pdf invoice?