Inviting leads to a meeting

Running SuiteCRM 7.8.31. When inviting both contacts and leads to a meeting it seems leads are dropped when the invitation is sent and thus do not receive the invitation despite having been added?

Is this a bug?

I found the following fix Meeting invite notification emails not sending to all invitees. · Issue #9358 · salesagility/SuiteCRM · GitHub but it pertains to SuiteCRM 7.12.0. Minor additions were made to data/SugarBean.php but there is also a reference to tests/unit/phpunit/modules/Meetings/MeetingTest.php.

Is the tests/unit/phpunit etc. simply a directory the developer has on his computer and used solely for testing?

I made changes to data/SugarBean.php but since I am running 7.8.31 and not 7.12 I have tried to identify the appropriate locations but have not tested it yet.

If anyone has a fix that works for 7.8.31, please share.