Invitees search in Call modules show only contacts all of a sudden!no more users and leads

I have customized the module Call quite a bit, but users and leads where showing normally in the search invitees section. Now only contacts…I have nothing neither in PHP log or suitecrm log.
Don’t know what ti fix now…please help!!!

Please give some more information.

  • How you “customized the module Call”?
  • What do you see now (screenshot)?

well in the creation of a call as you see from the screenshots, the bottom search shows only contacts. I have added a custom search ‘seleziona invitati da hco’ in which you select a hospital ‘security group’ and searching you get another list with the doctors of that hospital ‘contacts’. To do this last thing I have reproduced the invitees_search function of suitecrm and the related object building a custom action between controller and my custom js.

The thing is that everything was working normally…than for some reason it is not showing the users and leads in the bottom search by name/surname/email and in the logs I get nothing…

please help!!!

It might be related to the call related to the search which response gives only contacts, the call is:

What happen if you push the standard for the Suite button ‘search’ without parameters? If you see contacts only I think that it’s conflict custom and system search buttons.

ok, I think that at this point I should try adding the leads and users table as well in my custom action, then we’ll see…will let you know soon, thanks!

actually I fixed it in the jsclass_scheduler.js in the meeting module…there was a var:
var query={“modules”:[“Contacts”]…

changed it in:
var query={“modules”:[“Users”,“Contacts”,“Leads”]…

and after repair, removing cache, adding permissions…it finally worked !

Hope this helps someone, thanks anyway @p.konetskiy

I recommend to check file jsclass_scheduler.js because the array ‘modules’ has all list modules default present. The code copy from the file:

	var query = {

I see, mine ha a var query commented with all 3 the modules, and another var query with only contacts…

don’t know why really! anyway thanks, I will check this before putting everything in production!!!