Inventory extension or module

I wanted to add inventory function on suitecrm.
Are there provided extension or anywhere to add on this function?

Not yet.

Is there one in the works? or an estimated release time to get an inventory function up and running? or even better a solution to make inventory count work? I want to implement the software but this is an essential function that we need.


this must be a very high-demand module.

We would really, really benefit from this module and I would love to help with it somehow. We have a very simple business where we have inventory of our product and simply need to reduce it as we use it and have records of what is left.

there is the whole products module and services for the quotes so maybe there already is a way to deal with inventory that I don’t know of or can’t find? as mentioned in some other post, there is this module

thanks for any tips, tricks or updates!