Invalid File Reference on imported email attachments


I’m currently fighting a bug that was present in 7.1.1, and persists now in 7.1.2. It is related to email attachments - they will not open. I am presented with a blank page and the text “Invalid file reference.” Attachments created manually are fine.

What I’ve found is that no “blob” is created in /uploads, even though my file upload location is set here. My max attachment size is large enough. I can manually take the attachment, rename it to the the GUID of that email, upload it to the /uploads directory, and voila! But this is not a great solution…

Anyone have any idea how to address this?

Figured out this problem.

I am hosting SuiteCRM on IIS, using Windows directory security. The IIS_USRS account, while sufficient for seemingly everything else, is not what the Emails module is using to download attachments. Neither was the NETWORK SECURITY account.

I had to give “Everyone” write permissions to the cache/upload/ folder. This isn’t ideal, but it did fix my email attachment/import problems.

Does anyone know which account the IMAP client in SuiteCRM uses to write attachments to the upload directory?