Introducing a new blog series - the Community Diaries!

[size=6]The Community Diaries[/size]

We are really excited to introduce a new way of keeping you, the SuiteCRM Community, up to date with all the activities within the Community team!
This blog series will be published frequently and will bring you the latest news within the community. You will hear directly from members that contribute, receive invitations to collaborate on SuiteCRM and community events.

And there is so much happening!

  • [size=5]HacktoberFest 2019 - Trick or Suite Thursdays![/size] - a new community event, a month long celebration!
  • [size=5]New forums (teaser)[/size] - That’s right! Soon to be migrating/launching. More info to follow
  • [size=5]Code of Conduct[/size] - Important announcement about update the SuiteCRM code of conduct

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