Internal server error on cpanel+sutecrm

I have installed suteCRM 8 on cpanel server. After I login to the CRM I am getting internel server error. I found that there was some .htaccess problem. I disable the tag " RewriteBase testlegacy/ " in /home/netedget/public_html/crm/public/legacy/.htaccess. It started working but I am not getting theme.

Can anyone help me please?

Can you share some more details?


Please chekc the screenshot attached here.

So, I am not getting the theme somehow.

As per the screenshot, it’s look like SuiteCRM folder doesn’t have proper File/Folder permission so Can you please give 775 or 777 recursive permission to your whole SuiteCRM folder.

Giving 777 permissions is very insecure, it’s best not to advise people to do that…

I will keep that in mind. But it is necessary sometimes.

It really isn’t ever necessary. If you understand Linux permissions, you can always set your permissions for the specific users and groups you want to use, without having to resort to “world” group which includes everyone.

Using 777 is particularly dangerous on shared servers, where a security breach in any account would make you completely vulnerable to the malicious software.

I personally always lower that third digit to 0, and make sure (through ownerships) that everybody that I want to access my CRM is accessing it as “owner” or “group”. I don’t see a reason to give “world” any access, not even simple read access.

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I agree with you 777 permission is insecured
Let me repair cpanel permissions and see if it works