Integration of surveyjs json file

I have a challenge of integrating surveyjs surveys inside suitecrm.

  1. I create on a survey and get json file
  2. I must put this json file in a module of suitecrm
  3. I must show this survey in a new page in suitecrm
  4. The link can be sent to the customers
  5. Customers compile the survey and the data must go inside suitecrm db

Is it possible? How?

Thank you in advance
for your help.

It put it simply, yes. It is possible but this is depending on your experience and knowledge of both SuiteCRM and PHP.

What you are asking would require customisations in the codebase (extension framework). Without investigating the ins and outs of the I can only suggest the following:

  1. What does the json contain? Questions/Responses?
  2. What module? A custom module could be created viamodule builder but to import this json you’ll need to process it one way or another (logic hook perhaps?)
  3. Why do you need to see it on a page in SuiteCRM? Can you edit anything or is it to preview it? If it’s a preview then that is fairly straight forward to make a custom view.
  4. Link sent to customers could go though campaigns so again, not that difficult i f you add it manually to the campaign template.
  5. Syncing data I’m not sure if the Surveyjs stores any data but I assume you wlll need to create an entrypoint that will process the POST submissions to store the data int a suitable module/table.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

  • Yes, json contains and must contain questions and responses on conditional basis.
  • I must create a page which will contain this survey
  • This page is sent to customers via email
  • The customer compiles the survey
  • And POST submission
  • Is there any practical example in your guidelines?