Integration FROM SuiteCRM to an external system


My company uses a custom built ERP which features a basic Customer management module.

I want to disable the create/Edit functionality in my ERP and use SuiteCRM as a master system for customer management. This means that everytime I would create or edit an account or contact in SuiteCRM, my ERP SQL Database would get updated.

Currently we have an ETL job that updates SuiteCRM from the ERP (we use Talend), but I want to turn that around and do it the other way. The data structure is pretty similar.

We are able to extend our current local API to get data from SuiteCRM in the desired structure, but would like to understand how to trigger SuiteCRM to update a 3rd party API or database.

Couldn’t find any info about this. Any ideas?

Logic hooks is the way to go,

best regards